How To Measure

You will need a tape measure, pen and paper. You may print our measure worksheet. Remember these measurements are for pricing only. Once you have placed your order, we will meet with you to confirm your order and take a critical measure before your order is built.


For your convenience print out the measure worksheet, measure from the inside of the window opening. Measure the width first , then the height. Don't worry about being exact; we will take care of that later. When recording the measurements, round up to the nearest inch. For example, if the width measures 70-1/2" write down 71". Same goes for the height.

Measure Window Width & Highest Point


Sliding Glass Doors come in the following standard widths: 5', 6', 8', 9', 10 ' 12' and 16'. French Doors come standard 5' and 6' wide and can have optional side lights.

Note: Building codes require that tempered glass must be added when windows are within 18" from the floor, at a stairway landing, in a bathroom tub or shower, or next to doors by most Building Departments.